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Get Growing

Getting your Harvi Garden set up is quick and easy. Follow the steps below, or download the Harvi Instruction Manual for extra detail.

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Setting Up Your Harvi

We want you to get the most out of your Harvi, so let’s go through the steps you’ll need to get started!

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Put It Together

1.Check the reservoir cap

Turn your Harvi Garden upside down. Make sure the large reservoir cap is firmly pressed into the large hole in the center of the outside base of the garden.

2. Lay down the capillary mat

Place the capillary mat into the base of your Harvi Garden. Make sure it’s laying flat before you add soil.

3. Fill your Harvi with soil

Filling the Harvi Garden evenly with soil leaving a distance of approximately 1.5” between the growing media and the top of the bed.

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Get Growing

1. Choose the perfect plants.

Consider what plants you like to eat, what kind of light and temperature they thrive in and the season your location gets the best sun.

2. Fill your Harvi with water.

Add water using any of the six open holes on the top rim of your Harvi Garden. Water can also be added over the soil. Do not water the four corner holes on the top rim of the garden.

3. Time to dig in and get growing!

We recommend growing from seedlings as they’re much easier than seeds. Of course, if you have a green thumb, Harvi Gardens love seeds too.


Growing Zone and Season

Make the most of your location and the time of year.

Your Space

Make sure your garden gets the right amount of sunlight for the plants you’re growing.

What You Like to Eat

This one is the most important!

Give ‘Em Some Space

Just like us, plants need room to grow — some more than others. In general, we recommend at least a half inch between them but some plants need more. Make sure you check the instructions on your seedlings to find out how much room they need.


A layer of mulch will beat the weeds and help keep soil cool and moist.

Get Inspired

Consult our instruction manual for more detailed information.

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