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Getting your Harvi Garden set up is quick and easy. Follow the steps below, or download the Harvi Instruction Manual for extra detail.

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Securing the Garden

Once your Harvi Garden is full of soil, water and plants, it can be pretty heavy — especially when you’re stacking multiple garden beds together. So it’s important to make sure everything is anchored securely to prevent the risk of a tip-over and/or possible injury.

We strongly recommend securing your garden bed with an anti-tilt wall anchoring kit when stacking the gardens. To anchor your Harvi Garden, place it by a wall, railing, or other sturdy surface. Only the topmost bed needs to be secured.

3 stacked Harvi gardens

The maximum stacking height is 3 gardens directly stacked on top of each other or any combination of 3 gardens on top of each other.

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How Not to Stack

DO NOT stack 2 fully raised Garden beds with 4 extension legs. Also, do not use an extension leg to extend an extension leg.

DO NOT stack garden beds on top of garden beds that have been raised with four extension legs, as it may increase the risk of tilting.

Use Anti-Tip Wall Anchors
Safety Tip

Don’t rush transplanting your plants into your garden bed.

Get Inspired

Consult our instruction manual for more detailed information.

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